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Olwen's Background


Born in Lincolnshire in 1952, Olwen Ballantyne experienced a miracle on the 3rd September 2004 when she painted her first Angel. She called this painting ‘Spirit In The Sky’ and amazingly has found that each Angel she paints wants to say something to us here on Mother Earth. Subsequently every painting comes with its own words as well as its own amazing and unique energy.

Olwen has two sons, Merick and Justin. She has practiced Transcendental Meditation since 1984, Reiki since 1998 and Theta Healing since 2010.

Olwen's Paintings


Olwen feels that the Angels she paints and the words are an absolute joy and delight to produce. She feels truly blessed that the Angels have chosen her and intends to honour her journey with them in every way she can.


Each bespoke painting comes with its own unique set of words. You’ll find a sample of these within the Featured Paintings section.

For further details or to make a purchase, please contact Olwen directly.

"In the Arms of Angels"


A selection of Olwen's paintings can be found in the book she co-authored with Claire Nahmad. 

The book "In the Arms of Angels" was released in October 2012 (ISBN 978-1-78028-379-1). 

It features 20 of Olwen's Angel paintings and their messages scribed in beautiful calligraphy by Don Makin. 

Featured Paintings

Joyful Union

 For Angels to exist, they live in Joyful Union, because that's what exists when you are totally Love.  

Size: 105 x 80 cms

Price: £260 (including Calligraphy)


Let yourself become aware that the structure of your life is being glued together by the Love of Angels.

Size: 50 x 40 cms

Price:  £150  


Our scientists put forward their ideas on the universe. They demand that we believe their opinions on 'what is'.  Free yourself from narrow ideas. Free yourself from other people's interpretations.

Size: 96 x 96 cms

Price: £300

Brilliant Blue

In the sky Angels are shining down their Love to everything here on Mother Earth.

Size: 40 x 40 cms

Price: £160 (including Calligraphy)


We have the option to place our faith in science, and our trust in our upbringing and our own experiences. We have the option to believe that what we know about, is how the world really, truly, is. 

Size: 60 x 50 cms

Price: £170 (including Calligraphy) 


It's time we woke up, and used our brains to choose to consolidate our relationship with Angels, to trust all the goodness they want to share with us, to embrace their crystal clear goodness, and to allow it to fill our emptiness and replace our fear.

Size: 60 x 50 cms

Price: £170

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